About us

CARMEN SAYS embarks on the construction of a strong identity based on the fusion of fashion and narrative, offering capsule collections every fifteen days as episodes in a narrative journey. Breaking away from the conventions of seasonal releases, this revolutionary approach immerses consumers in a continuous and evolving fashion experience.

With the motto 'Wearable stories for dreamers,' the brand aims to attract those who view fashion as an expression of stories woven with threads of imagination. It commits to being more than a clothing brand, providing meaningful and enriching experiences. The vision and mission focus on offering authenticity and depth in a world saturated with fleeting content, becoming a beacon of authentic experiences.

Garments are not just clothing items but storytellers of thematic and emotional tales. Each capsule is a chapter that transcends trends, offering consumers a unique shopping experience where they acquire not just clothes but tangible fragments of a narrative.

The capsule strategy not only captivates consumers but also advocates for sustainability by avoiding overproduction and reducing waste. The brand moves away from fast fashion, focusing on transparent and participatory communication, inviting consumers to reflect on the value of each capsule and sharing the stories behind each piece.



We believe in fantasy.
We firmly believe that clothing can be a tool to communicate fantastic stories, allowing people to express themselves.

That's why we create endless fantastic stories.
Our products don't follow trends; instead, they craft stories of fantasy and enchantment, immersing us in realms of whimsy and femininity.

We offer clothes that speak for themselves.
We merge fashion and storytelling to produce garments that transport wearers to dreamlike and supernatural realms.


At Carmen Says, we are aware of the current challenges in the fashion industry. Our goal is not to produce massive quantities of products but to achieve streamlined production without generating overstocks on the planet. Behind the essence of our work lies a clear purpose: a commitment to quality, sustainability, and responsibility towards a better world.

That's why our products are manufactured in Spain, with production aligned with our sales to avoid excess stocks. A significant part of our collection features sustainable items.

Carmen Says blends the desire to stay on-trend with a commitment to avoiding overproduction and promoting the European brand. We offer 100% Spanish design and local manufacturing, with fabrics printed and/or dyed 100% in Spain.

  • Designed in Barcelona
  • Sustainable materials (>50%)
  • Local production
  • Value chain traceability

Worthwhile items

'Worthwhile items' are garments crafted using sustainable fabrics, meaning they are made from materials with a reduced environmental impact. We label these garments as worthwhile purchases because we are committed to the environment whenever possible.

Choosing these items not only provides you with a quality garment but also contributes to sustainability and environmental care, reflecting our commitment to eco-friendly practices.

worthwhile items